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WGM - Cybersecurity Assessment, Disaster Recovery, Forensics & Compliance Experts (West Coast)

  WGM Security & Technology Services: WGM is a full service IT and cybersecurity provider that offers everything a small to mid-sized company needs to outsource its IT and cybersecurity – from malware protection to cybersecurity compliance to a proprietary Network Security Evaluation tool called Packetwatch. 

WGM can provide cyber compliance and risk assessment, PEN testing and vulnerability management, DR, digital forensics and more – all with an eye on cyber efficiency and bottom line accountability.  

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MDS - Cybersecurity Assessment, Disaster Recovery & Compliance Experts (East Coast)

MDS:  How do you know if you are subject to and compliant with two of the most recent and powerful privacy regulations – GDPR and 23 NYCRR 500?  Due to MDS being based in NYC, they are fully versed in both these severe and important compliance regulations and can be there for you from a complete cybersecurity assessment to 3rd party verification of compliance. 

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TAG - Cybersecurity Assessment, M&A Due Diligence, Forensics and more (International)

 The TAG global cyber preparedness package starts with a cyber audit that assesses program and system vulnerabilities and provides a detailed set of remedial recommendations. In addition, we use penetration tests and white-hat hacking to appraise the quality of company’s protection.   

Depending on revealed vulnerabilities, we propose a proven cybersecurity solution that companies may choose to adopt. In concert with the IT security staff, we would assist companies in developing a tailored cyber security plan that can evolve to ensure companies remain protected. As appropriate, TAG also recommends user activity monitoring as a way to ensure companies stay abreast of ongoing threats that employees might expose them to. 

TAGs network of highly experienced cybersecurity experts can work with you anywhere in the world in any language.

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Cyber SWAT Teams - Specialty Services


ITG - Digital Document Management & Cybersecurity

 ITG specializes in helping clients with managing an explosion of unstructured data in the form of Word files, PDFs, Excel worksheets, videos, audio files, posts to social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram and business focused services such as corporate email, internal documents, SharePoint, etc.  With the sheer growth of information, no wonder businesses struggle to store and index this information effectively.  

Without an enterprise approach to organizing and managing this digital content, businesses become susceptible to data loss and suffer from the inability to find-share-leverage important information.  In the best case scenario, it results in wasted resources locating this information, worst case scenario is that the data has been compromised from an external hack undetected.   ITG's Cyber SWAT Team is ready to help. 

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Dinocrates Group - Healthcare Blockchain Security

 Given the hype and market velocity of blockchain, navigating and implementing it can seem to be a daunting task. The technology is expected to fundamentally alter the competitive landscape and offer stronger security solutions, presenting a challenge for anyone seeking to evolve product implementations. Dinocrates Group can identify the vendors that best suit project needs and prioritize the areas that offer the greatest security benefits from transition to blockchain. 

Dinocrates Group excels at understanding, explaining, and navigating complex ecosystems and have helped companies in a variety of industries implement blockchain and other disruptive technologies. 

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WGM -"PacketWatch"- Big Data Capture and Machine Learning Platform for Cybersecurity

 At our core, we at WGM are threat hunters, investigators and cybersecurity experts that have experience in federal law enforcement, national security and enterprise data centers. PacketWatch is a full-packet-capture network monitoring, analysis and investigation tool built on an open-source big data stack; incorporating public, private and government threat intelligence feeds; a proprietary analytics engine; and a purpose-built, multi-page dashboard to deliver an affordable platform built for speed, accuracy and insight. 

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